Rasul Grayson

Artisian Rasul Grayson, a San Francisco native, has been getting music out of his head via piano, guitar and saxophone since he was a child. Surrounded by music growing up, he rec’d his first saxophone at the age of 11 years. For the past nine months Grayson has played in a trio called JNG, which consists of Mike Jones on drums, Norton on bass, and Rasul Grayson on guitar. During the Saturday of the 2010 Fillmore Jazz Festival, the JNG trio will be performing funky-groovy-jazz originals along with a few familiar funked-out covers like: “I Can’t Help It” by Stevie Wonder and “So What” by Miles Davis. JNG will be playing nearly all day Saturday from 11am-5pm at Express Yourself Cafe at 1406 Fillmore Street, near Eddy and Fillmore Streets ( next door to Yoshi’s). Be sure to stop by if you enjoyed this piece!


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